The Sun is Shining (Part 2)

The Sun is Shining (Part 2)
My best video to date.
Broke my simultaneously listened to record

Sorry to email again so soon but I promise you it's worth it!

"The Sun is Shining" has already brought some sun to this very grey isle on which i reside (yes I am taking full credit) and its streaming is in excess of all my recent releases. Thanks for listening/ streaming/ sharing.

It is with great pleasure I present the official music video for "The Sun is Shining", here first for my subscribers. Join us as we journey through Northern Africa, LA, Myanmar, Italy, Dubai, Norway and many more on a sun filled adventure that will definitely brighten up your day. So many thanks to everyone who kindly shared their personal videos to make this MASTERPIECE. Feel free to share wide and far as I'm sure it will bring a smile to anyone who is lucky enough to see it 😄

My best video to date

Here is the link if you are viewing this on email and it hasn't loaded properly


Much love each and everytime - catch you on the next one