What Now?

When you make a song that somehow manages to find an audience in this wildly oversaturated climate, the hustle bros and entrepreneurs would advise you to double down on this recipe you have discovered. Distill it to its essence and monetise aggressively. "Give the people what they want".

That's never really been my vibe. Wants can be manipulated, needs are essential. You could challenge me and say, well you need to adapt if you want to thrive as an artist on a certain level, but I'm only human and I'm only me, so this latest song is almost like a pep talk to myself.

Improvisation has entered the chat

The truth is I have adapted to a degree, I'm no longer the loud wildly opinionated naive but well meaning teenager I used to be. I miss elements of the old me which I think sets up the tension on this latest song. I also wanted to challenge the listener to be able to adapt. O.K, do you trust me? Listen to this song, it's different isn't it? Listen to it again, do you get it yet? No? Try again... OOOOOOOOHHHH and just like that you are on a whole other level. Optimistic that I would think the audience would afford me this kind of time, but there is nothing wrong with dreaming.

It's all a balance though. Which leads me to the reason for the playlist that I've put together accompanying this song. Some of you may be familiar with the "This is" Spotify playlists, which are touted as "the essential" tracks of an artist. I was suprised when I looked at the "This is DJ Premier" official spotify playlist, almost none of what I consider his greatest work was on there (when I looked). It's just a list of the songs that have been most streamed. Just like my "This is Chima Anya" official Spotify playlist. And things can be streamed for many reasons, not allways positive. So I decided to create my own "This is Chima Anya" playlist, as the songs that I really think do represent me, streamed or not. And "Adapt" kicks it off.

Ultimately, even though we must adapt to our surroundings, the trick is doing so while always have to staying true to ourselves.

"Even though it's changed, the principles the same..."