Summer 23 / NEW MUSIC/ GIG!


Summer 23 / NEW MUSIC/ GIG!
Stadium Status

It's been dope. I did my first stadium gig. I did a performance at 100 Victoria Embankment for the CEO of Unilever. I went to Italy. I started my "Live for the Pharmacy series". I got scouted for football trials, at the grand old age of 38 (which I failed). In my defence I turned up with fellow trialists being 15 years younger than me and I had walked 15km daily for 7 days straight prior in 35 degrees heat IN HILLY CAGLIARI - but enough of that, it was a fantastic LEARNING experience.

I don't have great footage, it's a shame but here are a few snippets of the london stadium gig and the performance for Unilever. I was promised the official footage but you know how these things go.

I've also just released the 3rd song from "When Will ? Learn". Initially the song was called real life, but then I realised it was actually about the difference between real life and what people claim life is about, and I thought "the difference" was a far more interesting title. It's also a little joke in Overwatch, whenever one player is playing bad, or well, we will say - player diff - as in that player is changing the whole game. It also heavily leans into the difference between reality and theory, which ties in with practice etc. and I also strongly feel that when you can identify the thing that really makes the difference that's when you can really make a change. Hope that makes sense. The early response has been pretty good I think, it's hard to tell with such a small sample size , as my fellow statisticians can attest.

The song features a friend of mine - Johnny Voltik, an insanely talented hiphop musician, who I performed alot with around 5 years ago when we were the front men for the "orchestral renditions" of classic hiphop albums that took over the live scene in London for a year or so.

Last but not least, short notice I know! but I have a gig this monday 31/07/2023, in Kingston.

It's a short 20 minute appearance I'm making, but i'll be hanging around for the whole evening just vibing as I've not really done that for years and I'm trying to do things how I did when I first started doing this stuff because when you mix that raw enthusiasm with the seasoned experience you become unstoppable. Tickets are available here:

Pitch 92 Live At Ram Jam Records [Hip-Hop/ Rap]
Pitch 92 @pitch_92

I'll be probably on around 2030 or so.

Thanks for taking the time to read and the interest, always love hearing from people that are listening, and learning new perspectives so please don't hesitate to get in touch, or share this space with anyone you think might dig it. Till the next time!

Keep on learning.