Extra Extra!

This my declaration....

Extra Extra!
Back to the Beginning 

"This my declaration, I'd like to thank you for your patience..."

Every so often, I feel like I'm coming with a new message. I guess that's what Extra Extra represents. I did some research, apparently, back in the day "Extra Extra" was what they would shout, when they had an update to a story that was already bubbling. They would rush a new edition out, often unedited to make sure people updated. I found that interesting because in the new world often the details and the minutiae is overlooked in favour of click bait sensationalism.

The song title stems from the original Paula Perry joint which dropped in 1998 and is the first song from my project "Premier", which sees me going back to my lyrical origins over some of my favourite Premo beats. It's an unofficial passion project so I can't put it on Spotify and the like, it's just going to be on my website/ youtube/ bandcamp.


So listen above, or freely stream it on youtube below

If anyone is interested in having the song to keep and download - just sign up to the mailing list, and I'll email you the joint directly!

Till next time.

Stay informed!


Here is a live performance :D