Even the car is celebrating

Where do I start? Can't believe it's been 6 months since my last update. Curiously that was also to share a playlist I made! I have a brand new playlist for you all (possibly my best one yet) but so much has been going on I'll try my best to summarise it all with the greatest respect to your time. (there are many links in this, it's probably best to view this letter on the web)

After "All My Friends", I dropped a collaboration with a producer I only started working with in late 2023 - "Nevusside". He'd got in touch after hearing "Muscle Memory" on the radio and sent me some FIRE. The end result is below:

The video was inspired by "Groundhog Day", I wanted everyday to seem the same and in the end the only thing that changed that broke me out the cycle was my perspective. When making it, I had to cut down the scenes to work within the limits of a short music video but I'm still pretty happy with how it came out, especially the ending scene with Amobi which was a 1 take and done! He's a natural!

Then I dropped a collaboration with fellow professional (lawyer) and rapper Essa. A song we actually recorded in 2016 but I bumped into him at a party late 2023 and we both agreed the world needed to hear it. The first thing I'ma do when I get a milly from music is train out to a ski resort and film the video this song desperately needs!!!

Then another super talented producer Padre Tóxico hit me up with another beat I just couldn't refuse. The perfect banger to start 2024 with:

THEN, I got invited to perform for a massive TV show which I can't talk about yet. I did the performance and it was pretty good, it's not clear what of the performance/ if the performance will be shown, but nonetheless it was an eye opening valuable experience for me. I'll hopefully be able to say more in the coming months (with hopefully the footage of how it went down!).

I then dropped a video for a song I wanted to highlight for the LONGEST time, (it was actually on my 2018 album - "People Forget".) This video was filmed by my bro Ikechi so shout him out for some excellent cameraman work (and also lending me his Mclaren to use as a prop :D)

Everything - 2024 video

I've dropped a few excellent freestyles also "fukumean" and "stories about my brother" but this is already getting a bit long so I won't link to those, if you still have the energy for more they are easily findable but on to the MAIN EVENT:


My latest (and second!) collaboration with Nevusside "The Sun is Shining" came out last week. I'm trying to be more optimistic because being a lifelong pessimist has not served me well (notice earlier i said, WHEN I make my first milly from music, I wouldn't have dared to be so bold in the past for fear of looking foolish). Even though I live in London and the weather is terrible I remain optimistic the sun will come and to be honest since this song has dropped we have had some definite moments of glorious sunshine.

The song has already hit 30K streams thanks to Spotify making it the official way to start many people's day by adding it to their "Ready for the day" playlist. It's been made track of the week by BBC introducing Cambs and BBC introducing Oxford have also got on board with the campaign to summon the sun.

I've created my own playlist of songs all about the sun, wether it's just in the title, or the themes, or the vibe, or if it just sounds great to blaze in the sun with a cool drink and some great company. I'm working on a video for it too which is almost done and I think might possibly be my greatest work yet :D, i'll be hitting you up about that one too so you don't miss it. The spotify playlist is below!


If you made it this far, thanks for your time!!! Hope all is good on your end, and i'll hopefully catch you soon in some capacity!