New Born

New Born
This was the "CosyCot" in our birthing room. We didn't get to use it because he had to be taken to theatre for delivery. 

The Joy of a newborn is an unmatched human experience. I feel like I've been floating for the past 8 days of his life. Food tastes nicer, music sounds better, issues that I used to worry about have just melted away, and that's despite 3 days up all night in hospital following an emergency caesarean section (preterm) AND an emergency admission for Jaundice.

I thought I would share some songs that particularly have resonated with me during this time with a few notes about why I felt the songs were appropriate for the newborn period. For those of you interested to read this far I've even included a few pics as I still don't know how I feel about sharing his image on social media, although my heart just wants to introduce him to everyone.

Open Your Eyes

"There are times, when you need someone, I will be your side..."

Fall In Love

This one is self explanatory

Riding High

Honestly feel like I'm floating at this point


Having a baby has instantly freed me from the things I used to worry about, in a good way. I ain't tryna beef with dusty youts anymore. All the patients I used to agonise over, handed over. Posting consistently on social media trying to promote my music - that can all wait. For the first time in forever I felt free to do what I wanted, which was to ensure Amobi is well.


Looking at pictures from this period I have this insane glow in my face. There is one from the first night he was born, I was so tired, but the smile on my face was radiant. Women get that pregnancy glow, for men it can be difficult to get that same antenatal glow, but when Amo was born, it hit me instantly.

For You

"You got it baby - woo woo woo YEAH!

I'm rooting for you - woo woo woo YEaaaHHHH

So Far To Go - Instrumental

This beat is so chill, again - FLOATING. I would have loved to include D'angelo's chorus but Common's lyrics are too off putting to make it onto my newborn playlist.

"We have come so far, we have so far to go..."

Find Yourself

This is me getting in Dad mode already. Whoever Amobi wants to be, my job is to help him be the best version of himself.

Welcome To The Party

"Baby welcome to the party"

I like how sinister this joint starts, and aggressive, cause it's not like life is gonna be all rosy. Let's get it.

Yellow (interlude)

Phototherapy makes for awesome lighting!

Read the lyrics of Coldplay's "Yellow" and tell me it's not about a Jaundiced baby! Amo's bilirubin got so high it was slightly below the transfusion line for treatment. This was very scary and we only really found this out by accident, when they were testing for something else (long story). They admitted him instantly and put him under the lights. The Coldplay version of the song didn't really fit the vibe of this playlist, but this cover can work as an interlude.

Don't Be Afraid

I played this song on the way back from the first day he was readmitted. Those who know me, know I can tend towards pessimism. But for Amo, all I knew was it was going to be ok.

Off The Porch

My Family

Chrome Lips

Diet Coke

These are all tunes I been bumping recently, this is so when I show Amo the playlist when he is older he knows what I was listening to when he was born

Soon 2

This was when I first told people about him, antenatally - so it had to make it on the playlist.


I Get High

More Newborn floaty vibes


Party vibes!

I Get Lifted

Again, transcendant.

I Made it

I started the year with this song, feel like it needs a third verse now.

God Only Knows

I heard the end of this song in a Herne Hill Cafe, in one of my may journeys to and from Kings College Hospital. What an amazing song, and a sentiment that instantly resonated with me.

Lights Out

Phototherapy worked! Let's keep it moving

Is It a Crime

This came on shuffle and the vibe was just too strong, had to throw it in here for vibes

Ti Amo

For Amo

Fate of the World

The future is for the young world. Wu Tang is for the children.

Everything's Good

It really is.