Out of the dark. Into the light. 


As reality becomes more difficult to seperate from illusion, authentic voices like Dr Chima Anya become more essential. A practicising medical Dr in the UK , according to London based music and lifestyle publication Bonafide Magazine. “Chima Anya has balanced a career as a medical doctor and emcee for over a decade, and has never been anything short of prolific.”

His lighthearted, poetic rhyming style is easy to relate to and always thought provoking. Chima’s breakout 2017 music video for "Do Less" made national headlines with Complex UK who pointed out, "Chima combines a penchant for soulful and percussive instrumentation with his laid-back rhyming style

Accomplished on stage, Chima has performed worldwide both as an emcee, but also as a guest speaker at international medical conferences. His music has been broadcast on national and international radio, and he has shared stages with acts such as Robert Glasper, Jay Electronica, KRS 1, Dead Prez, Big Daddy Kane, Asher Roth and many more.  

2021 saw the Doctor further establish himself as a noteworthy artist with the release of "Modern Fairytale" a collaboration album with New Zealand's "Soulchef". So far 5 of the singles from the album landed on various Spotify editorial playlists, with one single "Coincidental" amassing 200K streams alone. One of the most interesting hiphop albums of 2021, each song references each song, building a rich tapestry of the Modern fairytale, and a rewarding listen for those who like to listen beneath the surface. All the usual fairy tale participants are present - Giants, Trolls, Kings, even a magic forest, but presented in their 2021 versions, with some interesting thought provoking twists.